5 Side Effects of Weight Loss That Nobody Tells You

Having a well-toned and perfect figure is something that all men and women want. But those additional pounds in the body hamper with the process greatly. The bulges here and there distort the shape of the body. Weight loss is the only solution to this problem. People try various means of losing weight successfully. They join a gym or a fitness center, work out really hard, cut down on the foods that they eat, exercise regularly, and follow a healthy lifestyle and so on.

Apart from health and fitness enthusiasts, weight loss is highly recommended for obese people. Excessive weight and obesity are among the alarming problems in the world, which can lead to many other serious diseases including cardiovascular ailments. Therefore, shedding off excess weight is very important. It is recommended that the weight loss process is carried out under the supervision of an able trainer, who knows about the various aspects of weight loss.

When the process of weight loss is begun, we have a vision as how we will look once it has been accomplished. Weight loss can have great impacts on various aspects of the human body – physically, psychologically and emotionally. While majority of the changes that come are positive in nature; there might be some changes about which you might not have thought previously. These changes might not be very welcome ones, but are part of the weight loss program.

5 side effects of weight loss about which nobody tells you:

1. Having loose skin

This is quite an obvious thing, particularly if you end up losing a significant amount of weight from the body. Basically body fat remains stored under the skin. This keeps the skin have a plump and protruding effect and also helps in keeping the skin taut and proper. When the fat from under the skin is removed during a weight loss program, the skin loosens. This does not happen when just few pounds are shed off. Depending on the age of the individual and the genetic patterns, the skin will recover to some extent. To get back the skin in proper shape and form, resistance training can help as this aids, muscle building and that can tighten the loose skin significantly. If the problem of loose skin is excessive, you can consult a plastic surgeon and get the problem fixed.

2. There will be a change in the taste buds

This is quite an interesting thing which happens with weight loss. You might not have noticed that while you were overweight, the taste buds in your mouth became less sensitive. This is one of the reasons why obese and overweight people have a tendency of eating more as they cannot understand the flavors and the tastes of foods that well. When they eat a considerable amount, they can get some satisfaction from their meals. It was found in a survey report that people who lost weight had declined interest in salty and sweet foods. A person who had a sweet tooth might no more be interested in such foods after weight loss. Innumerable men and women are evidence of this fact; people who were extremely fond of chocolate could not eat more than a single small piece of confectionery.

3. Still living in the same body

There are many men and women who have been overweight and obese ever since their childhood and they have grown up hearing things about being fat and obese. In fact, they have also been teased for their excessive body weight. This practically becomes the self-image of these people. After losing weight successfully, the person might not be able to match himself with the reality and a crisis might come up. Developing a realistic image of oneself is important; otherwise one might continue seeing oneself in the old image. Keep a larger piece of clothing handy and measure it to see the change that has taken place. You can also check before and after photos to understand the difference that took place and accept the fact that you lost weight. This is important from the psychological aspect of the individual.

4. You will need more things to keep warm

You must have seen and noticed that people who are overweight and obese usually feel very hot and flushed out all the time. Even during the winters, they do not feel as cold as other people do. This is because of the layer of fat present below the skin which acts as insulation. Fat acts as a natural insulator and hence the sense of feeling cold is less in overweight people. Once you lose weight, the layer of fat is removed from under the skin. As a result, you will tend to feel colder and will need sweaters and warm garments to keep comfortable. Whether in a movie, in the office or even in a restaurant, you might need to wrap an additional layer of clothing to keep you warm and comfy. One becomes more sensitive to temperature change with losing weight.

5. You might suffer from high stress levels

It is quite obvious that losing those extra pounds from the body will make you feel good and you will be joyous regarding the same. However, this joy comes with the responsibility of maintaining the body weight in the same manner. This can be a cause of stress for you. Majority of people lose weight successfully in the first instance, but are not able to maintain the same. This becomes quite distressing for them. People who are obsessive are able to maintain the weight consistently. Not being able to maintain the weight and thinking about the same leads to depression and anxiety and even stress. Instead of being bogged down by the problem, make a proper plan for maintaining weight and follow the same.

Now that you know about these side effects that take place after losing weight, you should be worrying about these anymore. Try maintaining the weight as much as you can through natural ways and processes.

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