Sara Ali Khan Shocking Weight Loss Secret Revealed!

Kids of stars and celebrities are always under the radar and the scanner as what they are doing and what kind of lifestyle they lead. Furthermore, if the star kid is looking to make a debut in the tinsel town, the speculations keep on rising. This time it is the turn of Sara Ali Khan, the beautiful daughter of Nawab Saif Ali Khan Pataudi and his ex-wide Amrita Singh. Sara had been talk of the town for long, since she belonged to one of the grandest star family in Bollywood. Presently, the actor will be seen to debut in Bollywood with two big movies – Simmba co-starring Ranveer Singh and Kedarnath – costarring Sushant Singh Rajput.

Sara Ali Khan’s journey to Bollywood is not as easy and simple as it seems. And her greatest hurdle was her enormous 96 kilograms weight. As is trend in the Pataudi family, kids have to study in one of Ivy League universities and Sara went to Columbia University for her degree. Then she was a chubby and plump kid and that was evident even during Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan’s wedding. Sara Ali Khan herself confesses that her weight loss journey has not been an easy one as there were many hurdles to cross. She also opines that she not only lost weight for making an entry into Bollywood, but also because she felt it was important from health perspective. The change did not take place overnight and it was not a cakewalk too.

In recent interviews and talk shows Sara Ali Khan talked frankly about her overweight issue. She said that along with eating a lot of pizza, there were other factors too, which contributed to the incessant weight gain problem. She suffers from PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) and that led to some kind of hormonal disorders in the body. All these factors together led to this absurd weight gain. She said that she has these problems even now, but now she has adopted a healthier lifestyle to keep the thing under control. Presently the actor hits the gym on regular basis and has become an enthusiast in this regard. Moreover, she also hits the tennis court with her father and her brother. All these efforts have shown wonderful results and today Sara flaunts a lovely figure with a well-toned body and flat abs.

Sara Ali Khan said in an interview on BBC that it was during her second year in Columbia University that she decided that she wanted to act. But her desire was punctured at the moment when she saw on the weighing scale that her weight was 96 kilos. Thus, it was a difficult time for the lady. However, her strong will and determination led her to lose enormous weight in the second year of University itself.

When asked what she did to lose those extra pounds from the body, she said that she worked out really hard at the gym and at the same time followed a healthy diet regimen. She said that she would play Bollywood music and run on the treadmill as fast as possible. Staying fit and healthy are the two things on which the Bollywood actor emphasizes. Along with other kinds of exercises at the gym, Sara has been spotted doing the very famous Pilates workout. With this fitness regime, it is possible to strengthen the muscles along with development of well-toned and lean body. Presently, Sara is doing a step routine, which helps in toning the quadriceps and the inner thighs. Along with strengthening health, Pilates’ routine also helps in stabilizing and toning the muscles in the arms and the legs. Sara has opined that on following this workout routine there is a sense of energy and rejuvenation in contrast to feeling tired and exhausted. Stress is relieved and the body feels relaxed overall.


Today Sara is one of the greatest fitness enthusiasts in the industry and has become an inspiration for many women who aspire to lose weight and flaunt a great figure. She was asked if she felt a sense of empowerment on losing those extra kilos, she said that the way she looked never played a part in deriving her confidence. But people around her were more concerned about her weight and figure and getting back to shape brought some kind of peace to them! She also agrees to the fact that the Bollywood industry is presently accepting women actors in varying shapes and sizes. But she also emphasizes that being accepted is not the only thing working here, it is also a personal matter of being healthy and fit and feeling that from within. Being overweight to the extent of 96 kilos turns to be messing for overall health and well-being – physically, mentally and emotionally.

So if you are overweight, get inspired by Sara Ali Khan and get fit and healthy!

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