Lose 5 Kg This Month By Eating These 8 Supermarket Foods

Have you made your resolution to lose weight? If yes, you really need not follow a very strict diet plan with all those fresh fruit and vegetables. Yes, you heard it right! Why not try the supermarket diet meal plan this time.

A number of people often treat supermarket foods unhealthy and totally unfit to be included into a weight loss diet plan. They are certainly not aware that a number of supermarket foods can help you lose weight quick. There are plenty of them who have lost 10 pounds in no time! Whoa! Let us try and understand how this all works.

How can I lose weight using supermarket foods?

The beauty of dieting when eating supermarket foods is that it is not exactly a diet. A number of people on whom this was tried were that there were no special foods or medications to be used to achieve success. You can easily grab frozen foods or others from your local supermarket and take your first step towards losing weight. Frozen diet foods are cheaper than other fast foods and help you save on money and time as well.

Let us also have a look at the 8 supermarket foods you can add your weight loss plan right away.

  1. Salmon in a Pouch

Can salmon help you lose weight? Yes, it can. Salmon is the best kind of fish you can eat without worrying about putting on those extra pounds. The fish has good number of nutrients and is quite good for your health. Salmon is also good with omega-3 acids and thus it can help you age slow. It is also filled with protein and hence helps you lose weight. Protein boosts the body metabolism and makes you feel full. Thus, helps you with the weight loss (1).

If you do not have time to get fresh salmon, you can get salmon in a pouch from your nearby supermarket. The best option is to choose fresh salmon, but you can opt for the frozen one as well. You can choose from Coho Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Wild Atlantic Salmon and King Salmon.

There are many ways you can add salmon to your diet. Just add the smoked salmon to your breakfast omelet or made a salad for your lunch. Whatever the recipe may be, make sure you have it 2 or 3 times a week.

  1. Dry-roasted Chickpeas

Do you know that half a cup of dry roasted chickpeas contain about 6 grams of fiber and 7gms of protein? People who eat chickpeas tend to eat less of the high calorie food and they eat more of unhealthy foods once they stop eating chickpeas (2). But why does this happen?

Chickpeas have high contents of protein and fiber, and both of these help you remain full for long. These can be added to the salad or even had with rice or other whole grains.

  1. Probiotic

You now find probiotics from various brands that are easily available in supermarkets. For those who are not aware of what probiotics are, they are live microorganisms which provide various health benefits once consumed. These improve the heart health and also aid in the proper functioning of the digestive system. A number of studies have also indicated that probiotics help you lose weight and also to get rid of the stubborn belly fat (3). It is said that these release hormones called GLP-1 that keep a curb on your appetite. Also, they produce more ANGPTL4 protein that decreases the fat storage in your body. Probiotics are now available as fermented food and supplement as well.

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  1. Popcorn

Can you lose weight by eating popcorn? Well, yes, you can!

Popcorn is very high in fiber and thus makes you feel fuller for longer duration. Unsalted popcorn without butter is indeed good for health. A cup of such popcorn has only 30 calories. Also, there is hardly any way to eat popcorn slowly. A number of people still adore the old tradition of serving popcorn with sugar and cream for breakfast. This is known to be the healthiest snack food of all times (4). But beware not to eat the butter filled popcorn when you are out to watch a movie. You might as well add in more calories that you have thought of.

  1. Green Tea

We all are aware of the health benefits green tea provides. An easy to find product in any of your local supermarkets, green is known to help in weight loss when combined with regular exercise. Green tea is known to have bioactive substances that help in burning the fat and thus let you shed some extra pounds. Green tea is also good in antioxidants and thus helps slow down the aging process. It also has the antioxidant named EGCG that boosts the metabolism of your body (5). Well, the next time you pass by green tea at the supermarket, remember that it is more than just hot flavored tea.

  1. Hard Boiled Eggs

Eggs are pretty low in calories and are filled with protein. Known to be one of the best foods to aid weight loss, eggs can be consumed as an omelet or you can even add hardboiled eggs to your diet. The egg yolks rich in nutrients and can help you fuller for longer. This way you can easily restrict the daily calorie intake. One egg only has around 75 calories and you can take 2-3 hardboiled eggs and you still take in only 240 calories approximately. You can add in some vegetables to it to make it a wholesome and healthy meal that is very low in calories (6). You can for sure lose some weight quick by following an egg meal for few times in a week.

  1. Unsweetened Almond Milk

Almond milk has a number of health benefits. It is not only nutritious, but is also very low in calories. Unsweetened almond milk also helps by not raising your blood sugar levels. Apart from all these, it can also help with your weight loss (7). Low calorie diet is what you need when you wish to lose weight and hence, you can replace your regular milk with unsweetened almond milk. By doing so, you are reducing your calorie intake but are still receiving the nutrients you need for the rest of the day.

  1. Whole Wheat Bread

When you are closely watching what you eat, whole wheat bread is indeed a good option. It keeps you satisfied for long and also help you reduce the daily calorie intake. However, eating too much of whole bread can also lead to weight gain (8). So, it is important you only stick to small portions of it. Whole wheat bread is filled with fiber and helps you burn the abdominal fat fast. When you are reducing your calorie intake, you need to have food that provides you with needed nutrients and whole wheat bread does the same.

So, the next time you aim to lose some belly fat and shed a few pounds; do not shy away from making a visit to the supermarket. Choose healthier options to replace junk and unhealthy food and pave way for a healthier you.

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