6 Small & Simple Healthy Habits to Lose Weight Fast

There are certain of us who struggle with being extremely overweight, which is not a healthy way of living. There can be many reasons for this unhealthy lifestyle it may include stress from work, not having enough exercise for the body, reckless eating of fast foods which includes pizza, cold drinks, sodas, burgers, tacos and many more. All these unhealthy habits may be the reasons that you are overweight. However, genes are also said to be a factor of overweighing. For example, if you come from parents that have suffered from the same unhealthy illness like obesity, then you are more prone to become fat more than your peers.

At an age where transportation and communication are one click away, unhealthy food also becomes one click away. We humans have become lazier by the day. We choose to drive some blocks down to work rather than just simply walking to it we would rather sit in our sofas and order pizzas rather than cook our own meal. I can’t stress this enough that we will become more lazy and unhealthy with more technological advancements. As such we must take healthy habits to help us lose weight and fast.

Here are the small and simple healthy habits which will help you lose weight fast:

  1. Waking up Early

Why would waking up early help you lose weight? Well for starters research has shown that overweight persons do not wake up early ever. They would rather sleep in till 8 pm or before their parents knock them off the bed. Waking up early can give up a lot of benefits, here are some of them:

  • Waking up early will give you time to go walking or jogging when the air is fresh and clean. This will tremendously benefit you much more than going to the gym in the afternoon and lifting weights.
  • When you wake up early, as soon as you get up from your bed drink two cups of water. Do not eat anything before drinking the water. The water will clean up your body and makes you feel refreshed.
  • Exercise and stretching is a great way to get your body in to shape. In the morning as soon as you wake up and drank two cups of water. Get out of your house and do some pushups, stretch your body out, do some squats and other exercises. It does not have to belong just 15 minutes and you will be on the right path, just make sure you do it consistently. Always remember that consistency is the key.
  • By waking up early, you will feel tired easily when the clock strikes 11 pm, which is an ideal time for sleeping. Make sure you get at least 6-8 hours of sleep and the ideal time to wake up is between 5-6am.
  1. Eat Healthier

Eating healthier is the main factor for your body shape. You want to get fat to eat more, want to be slim eat less. Well, this is the case most of the time. However, to have the ideal body shape in no time at all, you will need to maintain your diet. Here are the foods that you should consume more if you want to lose weight fast.

  • Protein- Protein Sources as beef, pork, chicken, and lamb must be included in your daily diet. Fish and seafood may also be included. You can add salmon, shrimp, and trout aside whole eggs with yolk can also be eaten to boost your diet. A high-protein diet is recommended by experts and doctors alike (1). Eating a rich protein diet has shown to boost metabolism by 80-100 calories a day. Protein-rich diet can also reduce your cravings for other food items by 60%, your desire to eat late night snacks by half and you will eat calories much lesser than what you had before.
  • Low-Carb Vegetables- Add veggies such as cauliflower, spinach, Broccoli, and Kale to your diet. You may also eat tomatoes, brussels sprouts, to boost your body metabolism. Unlike protein diet, you can consume these veggies as much as you want as they are low in carbs. A diet on just meat and veggies include all the nutrients that you will need to be hale and healthy again.
  • Fat Sources- Did you know that including fat sources such as coconut oil, Avocado oil, Olive Oil and Butter can in fact help you lose weight? You should eat these sources 2-3 times a day for optimum fat loss. Eating fat while you are trying to lose fat may sound absurd however they are a necessity if you want to lose weight fast.

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  1. Fasted Cardio

Fasted Cardio means performing cardio on an empty stomach ideal time for this would be in the morning as stated above. Waking up early you are prone to feeling hungry, therefore drink only water and perform cardio. When you are on an empty stomach, there is basically nothing inside. In a nutshell, your body is empty and by doing cardio on the targeted zone you dip right into the fatty acids as the energy source to keep you going. Doing this for an extended period of time you will lose fat fast!

Many men fear that they might lose muscles if they do cardio on an empty stomach, which is understandable. It is an undeniable fact that you will not be motivated to see that the weight scale has not fallen from the normal, it may even go up this is the result of your muscles stretching in accordance with the fats burned. Fear not as you will not lose muscles doing cardio on an empty stomach which has scientific evidence to back it up.

  1. Lifting Weights

No, you do not have to go to the gym to lift weights, although it is ideal that you go to the gym for more effectiveness. However, you can also buy weights that you can lift at home. Dumbbells which are no more than 4kg is ideal for men and 2 or 3 kg for women by lifting weights you will be able to burn a lot of calories (2). This will prevent your metabolism from slowing down. If lifting weights is too hard for you or if you do not like the idea of going to the gym you can always do simple cardio workouts like walking, jogging, swimming and many more.

Lifting weights while on a low carb diet have been proven to give muscles in exchange for losing large amounts of body fat. By lifting weights make it a habit to lift it three times a week with non-lifting days in between to rest your body.

  1. Eat Slower

Well eating hastily will probably make you consume more food, which is not a healthy thing to do if you are planning on losing weight. Slow eating is an art and can be mastered in time, eating and savouring your food will make you become more easily satisfied and give your body just what it wants and just enough. By eating just enough you will get all the nutrients required by your body. Not bad for a start on your journey to losing weight.

Fast eaters have been shown to consume more foods than necessary and are fatter than normal eater. Eating food at a slow pace will make you feel fuller and boosts the weight reducing hormones in your body.

  1. START

Taking action is the hardest part of this ordeal of losing weight fast. No matter how many guides or tips or videos that you watch on the internet will not help you if you do not take action. Take action now by writing your goal on a piece of paper, weigh yourself from now every day till you are satisfied with your health. Do not falter when you think you are not making progress consistency and perseverance is the key to your success.

Taking that one step on your path to fitness is the hardest part to do. Fitness will change your life for the better no wonder many successful and noble athletes are fit. They worked hard for it. Now it is your time to get your ideal body shape and going out of your comfort zone to be the best version of yourself. Not only will you feel better, but you will also look better, you will be more confident and strong and become an alpha male. Do not settle for anything less.

Summing it UP

It is understandable that people want to lose weight by losing weight you become healthy and reduce the risk of illness such as obesity, high blood pressure, heart attacks and many more. You will also look better by losing weight. There are many other benefits to it. Therefore we have listed the ways for you to become more fit and healthy. Do not give up and work on it consistently with perseverance and you will emerge victorious on your journey to fitness. There may be reasons for your wanting to be fit which cannot be shared with anyone, we understand you and hope you will become the best version of yourself.

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