Eat These 6 Foods This Summer for Weight Loss

A number of fitness experts always suggest that summer is the ideal time to start your weight loss regime. But did you ever wonder why summer is ideal to lose weight? Well, the sun shines bright and you can now bid goodbye to all those lazy winter mornings. This is the time when the need to lose weight comes to many of them quite naturally. Summer is also known as weight loss season as people often get motivated by seeing the beach pictures of their friends in perfect toned bodies.

So, what do we need to do to lose weight in summer? While exercise is important, you can include 6 of the best summer foods to lose weight fast. Summer is also the time we see a number of fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables in the stands. Fruits help you to balance your nutrient quotient and also help in weight loss and also keep your skin fresh and glowing.

Let us now have a look at the 6 best summer fruits you can include in your weight loss plan.

1. Watermelon

The most popular and the healthiest fruit of summer, watermelon is a must have fruit if you wish to lose weight fast. It might come as a surprise for many that the backyard fruit like watermelon can aid in weight loss. Watermelon is sweet, but it does not have a lot of calories in it. The fruit also has very high water content and this is what keeps you full for a longer duration.

Watermelon also has a good number of nutrients that are necessary for our body to remain fit and healthy. If you are in for a low-calorie diet, watermelon should for sure top the list.

When compared to other snacks, watermelon is known to have fewer calories. Also, watermelon is about 90% water and this is why you feel full even by eating a few slices of this fruit. If you are involved in physical activity, watermelon helps soothe the soreness that comes along with it.

You can even have about a glass of watermelon juice before you go for a workout to reduce the muscle soreness.

Also, watermelon provides you with needed nutrients like vitamin A and vitamin C in just 2 cups of serving. The fruit also contains iron, potassium and calcium and thus works wonders on your immune system too.

2. Muskmelon

Muskmelon as a fruit is filled with Vitamin C. People who wish to lose weight can take one cup of muskmelon every day as a snack between their meals (1). The fruit is sweet in taste and thus can be had by those who have a sweet tooth. If you are very much used to eating desserts, you can try replacing the same with just a serving of this delicious fruit every day.

Muskmelon is rich in minerals and vitamins and provides a lot of other health benefits. The fruit is also rich in potassium and this helps to keep any heart strokes at bay as it controls your blood pressure and kidney problems.

Muskmelon is not only rich in fiber but also a low-calorie fruit. You can even have two small sized muskmelons for breakfast without any guilt and you will for sure stay full for long.

One of the components weight loss tip given is that the food you take needs to be low in calories, but needs to provide you with needed nutrients. Muskmelons can also get digested quickly and this too helps in weight loss.

3. Mango

Mango is also known as the king of the fruits and this is good for weight watchers too. While there are many who believe that they put on weight when they have mangoes, these fruits are quite rich in pectin levels and also have many nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D (2). Mangoes are also rich in fibers and are good for those who are suffering from the problem of constipation.

Mangoes are fleshy and have a very sweet in taste and this is why these are the favorite of kids and adults alike. You can have a mango in between meals and the fiber in it makes you feel very full. These fleshy fruits also have a good content of beta-carotene and have nutrients in the concentrated form. If you wish to stay full for long and also keep a tab on the number of calories you eat, you need to choose mangoes for sure. All you need to do is have one fruit every day. Mangoes also have calcium and magnesium and this also helps to make your bones very strong. Not only do you lose weight, but a mango a day keeps your skin soft and bright.

4. Pineapple

This is one fruit that was only available during summers earlier, but can be found during every season these days. This is the most ignored fruit and not everyone knows the amazing health benefits this fruit provides. Pineapple is very rich in fiber and you can have it by slicing the fruit into pieces or even enjoy the taste as juice too.

Not everyone knows that pineapple is also called as the “natural weight loss fruit” as it has zero fat and a very low-calorie count. This is what makes it a low energy fruit as well. So, you can have a mouthful of pineapple pieces without the worry about calories or fat content.

Pineapple also helps boost metabolism, and this in turn aids in weight loss. The fruit is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Fresh pineapple is often the best, but if you are unable to find this well-patterned fruit, you can as well get canned fruit (3).

5. Litchi

Litchi is a delicious fruit of a succulent and is the ideal summer fruit for weight loss. Litchi is rich in anti-oxidants and also helps improve immunity levels. If you are looking for a post-meal dessert, you can replace your cakes or other sugar-filled desserts with fresh and natural litchis. Though sweet and fleshy, it is always recommended to have this fruit at least 60 minutes after you have your dinner. If you are really not in for having litchi as a whole fruit, you can even make fresh juice out of this fruit and you will for sure be mesmerized by the taste.

Litchi is filled with fiber, minerals and vitamins this is one fruit to eat if you wish to lose weight this summer. Anyone can have about 10-12 litchis a day without worry, but if you are suffering from diabetes, it is good you have a word with your doctor. However, anything in moderate quantity does not do any harm for sure.

6. Plums and Peaches

Most of us love both plums as well as the peaches. Plums are low in calories and are very rich in dietary fiber. These also have sorbitol and a compound known as isatin. These are the nutrients that help in controlling high blood pressure and also help reduce problems like constipation and indigestion. Plums are also known to be low in the glycemic index and hence can also be eaten by diabetic patients for weight loss. Plums work wonders if you are on a low carbohydrate diet, you should certainly consider adding plums to your diet as one plum only has 7.5 grams of carbohydrate. Plums are also rich in vitamin C and vitamin A and this is the reason this fruit provides many other benefits other than weight loss. You can have these as a fruit or can even make a jam out of these so that you can it throughout the year.

On the other hand, peaches are yellow-orange in colour and are sweet and tangy in taste. This fruit also helps with weight loss and also improves digestive health in no time. If you wish to add a summer fruit that would improve immunity, peaches are the perfect add-on. Peaches are good in vitamins as well as minerals and these can be included in a number of ways in your everyday diet. You can have peaches as a whole between your meals or in the morning after your breakfast or can add them to your detox water. If you like smoothies, or milkshakes, you can add them to it as well. Peaches, when added to smoothies, can keep you feeling full for a longer time and you can also get rid of any hunger pranks or sweet cravings in no time.

Also, if you are suffering from any allergies or health ailments, it is also good to take an option from your doctor or dietician. It is also good to opt for organic and natural fruits when compared to frozen or canned fruits.

So, the next time you wish to lose weight during the summer, do not forget to include these seasonal fruits in your weight loss plan. You would for sure be surprised with the results once you start following your fitness regime and diet.

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